Brass Eye

Here is an episode guide of the first series. It was repeated to much controvesy in 2001.

Animals (29/07/97) REPEATED (5/701)
Cruelty to animals has plagued the world since the Mayans sellotaped wasps to chickens. But this is 1996 and had anthing changed? The answer unfortunately is NO! Zebra's working in Westiminister, people forcing insults down the heads of cows, and now elephants suffereing depression. Karla has wedged her trunk up her arse, so please helpn WOFDCAP (World Organisation For Decreasing Captive Animal Problems) incorporating AAAAAAAZ (Against Animal Anger And Autocausal Abuse Atrocities in Zoos) get that trunk out!

Drugs (5/02/97) REPEATED (5/7/01)
As a nation we are living in very drugged off times. With new drugs being imported all the time no one noticed "Cake" slipping the net. F.U.K.D. and B.O.M.B.D. (Free the United Kingdom from Drugs and British Opposition to Metabolically Bisturbile Drugs)have been set up to raise awareness of the dangers of Cake, or Russel Dust, or Joss Acklands Spunky Backpack, or.....

Science (12/07/97) REPEATED (12/7/01)
Is science responsible for the wrong of the world? Are experiments with time justified? But what are the consequences? Heavy electricity is regularly flattening cattle in Sri Lanka. So please pledge your allegience to GEFAFWISP (Global Ensortium For A First World Initiative on Scientific Practice), and stop this horror!

Sex (19/02/97) REPEATED (19/7/01)
Why is sex the first thing on our minds? Why is sex so prominent in society? Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex!

Crime (26/02/97) REPEATED (26/07/97)
More young offenders are committing offences than ever before, and the Government’s typically weak response has been to get Tommy Vance to present a video urging them not to indulge in any more crimes, for fear of the threat of being denied foaming nut-brown ale. “Brass Eye”, however, has an iron nerve, and ramraids its way into the world of crime to judge for itself whether or not anything can actually be done.

Moral Decline (2/3/97) REPEATED (2/8/01)
Factories persuade their workers to experiment with drugs to increase productivity. Pop groups have hit singles with songs of love to Myra Hindley. Petrol stations are raided by gunmen and seabirds every couple of minutes. Riddled with wounds from the knife of Americana and the shotgun of popular culture, Britain’s once proud and resolute morality is crumbling like a cheap digestive biscuit. An oasis of stern moral stricture in a sea of hedonism, “Brass Eye” gets to heart of the matter and tries to do more for our sick society than Paul McCartney donating one hundred top hats ever could.